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About Us

At 7Gen Waste Logistics our goal is solely to assist our current and future customers in achieving green initiatives, becoming landfill free, creating close loop recycling, and working at their cost savings goals in relation to waste management. 7Gen does not own any landfills or recycling centers so we have only the customers best interest and goals in mind. We customize comprehensive waste and recycling plans to fit each customer’s individual needs and objectives.

7Gen Waste Logistics was formed to create another supply chain link for our customers, based on the sister company, Ongweoweh’s, current capabilities.

The name “7Gen” was chosen based off of the Seventh Generation Philosophy- derived from the Iroquois Great Law of Peace and means “In our every deliberation we must consider the impact on the Seventh Generation; that we should always consider how our decisions and actions will impact others seven generations in the future.” We are dedicated to operating with this in mind.

Front load service Invoice management
Roll offs Close loop commodity management
Equipment purchase of lease Waste stream & current service analysis/audit
Utilize all disposal options Custom waste & recycling plans that fit individual plant needs
Landfill diversion Custom reporting & landfill diversion


John Steen
General Manager


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