Ithaca, NY
We have a corporate office in Ithaca NY to provide our national customers with pallet management, recycling services and supply chain optimization programs. We are able to provide pallet and packaging solution to a very diverse customer base.
Newport, TN
Ongweoweh has a Dunnage & Sortation management program setup that works with sorting, inspecting various items (pallets, slip sheets, & top frames)
St. Louis, MO
Ongweoweh has the ability to provide recycled pallets, recycling services- including scrap removal, OCC recycling, plastic recycling, and setup repair programs.
OPS Canada was created to offer support to Ongweoweh Corp to provide full circle solutions to our customers across North America.
OPS Mexico is an extension of Ongweoweh Corp, providing services to all of the customers in North America.
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