Newport Warehouse

Newport Warehouse

804 Thinwood Dr.

Newport, TN 37821

Phone: (716) 417-8476 | (607) 266-7070

Troy Williams

Troy Williams

General Manager



In October 2010, Ongweoweh opened a dunnage sortation facility in Newport, TN. This operation was established to allow customers to take advantage of our expertise in dunnage management.

Ongweoweh’s Newport Warehouse  provides dunnage and sortation management for our customer base in the area. Our program is customized around our customers to include sorting, inspection of various items including pallets, slip sheets, totes among others. Our facility provides a 100% indoor storage for customer items and comprehensive reporting. Our full list of services include:

Sortation Services

Wooden Pallets

Plastic Pallets

Slip Sheets

Top Frames

Additional Services

Thorough Inspection Process

Pallet Cleaning

Inventory Management

JIT Deliveries

Value Ad’s

100% Indoor Storage

Customized Programs

Inventory Reporting

Excellent Customer Service