Asset Recovery and Pooling

Easy Asset Recovery Solutions for Pallet Retrieval

Save Money With Pallet Recovery Solutions

Asset recovery programs are an overlooked but critical part of the supply chain process. Without a way to return pallets and other assets to suppliers, pallets can get lost from the supply chain ecosystem.

Ongweoweh helps your business save money through our simplified asset recovery solutions! Our on-site distribution specialists work with customers to retrieve pallets and other assets from the end user with ease. The result?

  • Clients spend less on new pallets
  • Reusing pallets encourages sustainable practices and reduces waste
  • Recovering assets returns them into the overall pallet pool, which helps keep pallet inventory high
  • Pallets have a longer lifespan

Ongweoweh’s Asset Recovery Process

Take advantage of Ongweoweh’s nationwide asset recovery solutions to streamline your supply chain management! We use a network of approved vendor partners to collect pallets and other assets for recovery.

After a comprehensive inspection, we determine if a pallet is fit for reuse, requires repairs, or is ready for our recycling and waste program 

Our asset recovery process is powered by Native Trax , a proprietary software solution that allows us to monitor a pallet’s location and condition throughout its lifespan.

Learn more about our asset recovery solutions below!

Closed Loop Recovery Systems

Evaluation Stage to Optimize Retrieval Lanes

20-25% Typical Cost Reduction Annually

Vendor Network Utilization

Closed-Loop Recovery Systems

A closed-loop recovery system means each pallet is accounted for, regardless of its origins and service location. Pallets can be used again and again.

Pallet Evaluation & Retrieval Lanes

We evaluate each pallet to determine if they’re good to use “as is” or need repairing. Pallets that cannot be repaired will be recycled or disposed of.

20%–25% Typical Cost Reduction Annually

Customers can experience an estimated 20%–25% in cost reductions annually. Clients can save money by not having to buy new pallets while reducing disposal fees.

Vendor Network Utilization

We rely on a vast network of approved vendor partners to expand our asset recovery capabilities. Wherever you are in North America, we’ve got you covered!

Benefits For Our Customers

Highlights and Key Features

Wide Spread Recovery Programs

Nationwide Programs

Revenue Opportunities

Saved Customers Over 30% Annually

Managed National Programs of 2.8 Million Pallets

Closed Loop Program Management