Asset Recovery and Pooling

We Can Save You Money Annually By Creating Specialized Recovery Programs

We save our clients’ money annually through our Asset Recovery and Pooling programs. We work with our customers to retrieve their assets from the end user for reuse to save money on pallet spend and increase their pallet pool. 

We Offer The Following Options:

Closed Loop Recovery Systems

Evaluation Stage to Optimize Retrieval Lanes

20-25% Typical Cost Reduction Annually

Vendor Network Utilization

Utilizing our approved vendor partners, we then process these items through a comprehensive inspection and/or repair system prior to returning them back into the supply chain.

Benefits For Our Customers

Highlights and Key Features

Wide Spread Recovery Programs

Nationwide Programs

Revenue Opportunities

Saved Customers Over 30% Annually

Managed National Programs of 2.8 Million Pallets

Closed Loop Program Management