Ongweoweh Pallet Solutions


OPS Canada

229 Yonge Street, Suite 400

Toronto, ON M5B1N9


1-(607) 266-7070

In 2014, Ongweoweh Pallet Solutions Corp. (OPS) opened operations in Canada to support Ongweoweh’s customer base and provide supply chain solutions across North America. By utilizing pallet vendors throughout Canada, we are able to apply the same innovative solutions and professional services as we do in the United States.


New Pallets

Recycled Pallets

Combo Pallets

Remanufactured Pallets

Pallets of Alternative Materials (Plastic, Composite, Metal, etc)

Secondary Packaging


Single Source Procurement

Asset Recovery & Closed Loop Programs

Recycling and Waste Management

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Inventory Management

Onsite repair/sort

Consulting & Design of Unit Load


Added Value

Nationwide Buying Power

Maximize Savings Utilizing our Proven Model

Advanced Industry Expertise

Meet or Exceed Sustainability Initiatives

Utilization of 1500+ Vetted Suppliers