About Us

Ongweoweh Corp.

5 Barr Road

Ithaca NY 14850


Ongweoweh Corp is a Native American-owned, pallet management company providing pallet & packaging procurement, recycling services and supply chain optimization programs. Ongweoweh provides custom reporting along with data and trend analysis for a very diverse customer base of Fortune 500 companies. Ongweoweh services a variety of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, grains, chemicals, automotive components, oil, technology, corrugate, retail, and more. Established in 1978, Ongweoweh Corp was founded by Frank Bonamie, an enrolled member of the Cayuga Indian Nation of New York, and has grown to be one of the most successful privately-owned Native American companies in the United States.

Vision Statement

Ongweoweh’s vision is to be the nation’s leading authority in pallet management and secondary packaging services. This will be achieved through commitment to continual improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation of our people.

Mission Statement

Ongweoweh Corp, as an industry leader, is committed to providing quality products and services at a competitive price. Our mission is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and vendors based on integrity, respect, trust, and stewardship. We work to provide superior value to our customers and profitable growth for all of our stakeholders.

Ongweoweh strives to embody the seventh generation principle of the Iroquois Great Law, which advises that, “In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation.” This principle guides Ongweoweh’s efforts to find full-circle solutions to benefit our collective future.

- Frank Bonamie

Quality Policy Statement

Ongweoweh Corp, Native Trax Transport LLC and Native Trax Logistics LLC are committed to our quality management system. We serve as trusted advisers with a goal to provide 100% customer satisfaction and will continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. We aim to provide the correct product, with an on-time delivery at a competitive price. (01/11/2019 R.1)

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Ongweoweh Corp is ISO 9001:2015 certified as of March 2016.

Intertek, Ongweoweh’s ISO QMS Registrar, performed surveillance audits in March 2017 and 2018, and a re-certification audit took place in March of 2019. Each of these took place after months of  rigorous continual improvement exercises, training, and internal audits as part of our process to continue Ongweoweh’s commitment to excellence and 100% customer satisfaction.

ISO Scope Statement

Ongweoweh Corp, Native Trax Transport LLC and Native Trax Logistics LLC focusing on pallet management, transportation and logistics services including:

  • Account Administration
  • Sales and Services
  • Pooling and Recycling
  • Pallet Design
  • Vendor Management
  • Freight Brokerage Located in Ithaca, New York. (02/01/2019 R.2)