Ongweoweh Building

Core Values

Ongweoweh strives to abide by our basic corporate values in addition to abiding by the values of the “Seventh Generation” philosophy derived from the Iroquois Great Law of Peace. Our core values include Integrity, Respect, Accountability and Stewardship. These principles have been the foundation of our business for over 40 years.


At Ongweoweh, we commit ourselves to always acting with integrity and respect to all of our customers, vendors and partners. We respect all individuals we conduct business with and maintain a open door level of honesty.


We honor and respect people of a diverse lifestyle and respect the basic human dignity for all of our workers, customers and partners in business.


Ongweoweh takes accountability for all of our business practices. This helps our company to abide by our strong moral and ethical standards.


Ongweoweh is always striving to build a better company for those that come after us. We strive to continuously improve the lives of the Native American people in addition to our local communities, workplace, and environment for the next generations.