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We Supply Custom New Wood Pallets for Your Needs

Wooden pallets are one of the top pallet solutions due to their versatility. Not only are they durable and cost-efficient, but they’re also easy to repair and customize. 

Our consulting and design team uses a systems-based unit load software to optimize pallet performance. To meet customer demand, we partner with over 1,600 trusted pallet manufacturers throughout North America.

All new pallets are built with exceptional quality and at competitive prices.

Source New Wooden Pallets

Our wooden pallet line-up is designed to support all of your supply chain needs! Explore each product to learn about their different qualities and use cases.

Please note that your industry, shipping conditions, and destination may require specific pallet materials and dimensions. 

If you’re unclear on which pallets are best for your needs, please reach out to an Ongweoweh distribution specialist!

Hardwood Pallets

Softwood Pallets

Mixed Wood Pallets

Plywood Pallets

Block Pallets

Hardwood Pallets

Hardwood pallets are favored for their durability, strength, and resistance to wear. Key characteristics include:

• Made from hardwood species like oak or maple.
Strength and Durability:
• High load-bearing capacity.
• Naturally resistant to decay and pests.
• Denser construction contributes to strength.
• Heavier than softwood pallets.
Resistant to Wear:
• Abrasion-resistant for a longer lifespan.
Nail Retention:
• Good nail holding ability enhances structural integrity.
Environmental Considerations:
• Some hardwoods sourced sustainably.
• Generally more expensive than softwood pallets.
Compliance with Standards:
• Meets international shipping standards.
• Available in various sizes and configurations.

While hardwood pallets have advantages, the choice depends on specific needs, budget, and environmental considerations. Be aware of local regulations and industry standards.

Softwood Pallets

Softwood pallets, made from coniferous trees like pine or spruce, have distinct characteristics:

Weight and Cost:
• Lighter and generally more cost-effective than hardwood pallets.
• Easier to process and nail due to softwood’s workability.
Shock Absorption:
• Good shock absorption for specific load types.
Environmental Considerations:
• Some softwood species are sourced sustainably.
• Biodegradable nature can be advantageous for disposal or recycling.
• Easily customizable to meet size and configuration requirements.
Lifespan and Load-Bearing Capacity:
• May have a shorter lifespan and lower load-bearing capacity compared to hardwood pallets.

Softwood pallets are a cost-effective and adaptable option, suitable for certain applications with specific considerations.

Mixed Wood Pallets

Mixed wood pallets blend both hardwood and softwood materials for a balanced set of characteristics:

Material Combination:
• Utilizes both hardwood and softwood components.
Strength and Durability:
• Balances the strength of hardwood with the workability of softwood.
Weight and Cost:
• Weight falls between pure hardwood and softwood pallets.
• Cost varies based on the wood ratio and overall quality.
Environmental Considerations:
• Sustainability depends on the sources of hardwood and softwood.
Workability and Lifespan:
• Offers a compromise in workability.
• Lifespan varies based on wood types and construction quality.

Mixed wood pallets provide a versatile option, combining the advantages of both hardwood and softwood to meet specific requirements.

Plywood Pallets

Plywood pallets are constructed from multiple layers of wood veneers, offering:

Strength and Durability:
• High strength-to-weight ratio for heavy loads.
• Durable and stable construction.
• Lighter than solid wood pallets due to thin layer construction.
• Uniform material with reduced risk of defects.
Nail Retention and Customization:
• Holds nails well, customizable in size and configuration.
Resistance to Moisture:
• Type-dependent, may offer better moisture resistance.
• Cost-competitive with options based on wood type and manufacturing.
Environmentally Friendly Options and Repairability:
• Some made from sustainable sources.
• Repairable, allowing for damaged section replacement.

Plywood pallets provide a versatile and cost-effective alternative, balancing strength, weight, and customization for various applications.

Block Pallets

Block pallets, featuring corner and center blocks, have distinctive characteristics:

• Blocks for added stability.
• Can be made from hardwood, softwood, plywood, or a combination.
Strength and Handling:
• High strength for heavy-duty use.
• Easily handled from all sides with forklifts or pallet jacks.
Weight Distribution:
• Even weight distribution across the pallet.
Customization and Repairability:
• Customizable in size and configuration.
• Repairable by replacing damaged components.
Cost and Compliance:
• Offers a balance between cost and performance.
• Often designed to meet international pallet standards.
Storage Efficiency:
• Contributes to efficient storage in rack systems.

Block pallets are chosen for industries prioritizing durability, weight distribution, and efficient handling. Material and design selection depend on application needs, budget, and industry standards.

We meet and exceed the quality expectations of each product designed by utilizing our systems-based unit load software. All new wood designs are made to optimize the performance of the pallet and the entire unit load during shipments.  Ongweoweh works with manufacturers throughout North America to supply new products with exceptional quality and at a competitive price.

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