Onsite and Offsite Services

Specialized On-Site and Off-Site Services for Commercial Distribution

Pallet Distribution Made Easy

Ongweoweh lives and breathes retail and commercial distribution, so why not let us handle your needs?

With custom on-site services, you can have our commercial distribution specialists on hand to tackle all of your pallet services.

Eliminate Warehouse Bottlenecks With On-Site & Off-Site Programs

Ongweoweh’s distribution experts play an integral part in our sustainability initiatives and asset recovery programs . By visiting your site, our trained personnel can accurately assess your warehouse processes to: 

  • Identify warehouse bottlenecks and optimize operations for space savings, organizational flow, and cost efficiencies
  • Train your internal team on distribution best practices and safety processes
  • Sort, repair, and collect pallets to maximize pallet lifespan and unnecessary redundant operational costs
  • Recommend corporate green initiatives that can increase rebate streams

Pallet Sortation for immediate reuse

Pallet Repair and Return

Warehouse and Distribution Center Dock Sweeps

Credit for unusable or surplus pallets

Inventory Management

Waste and Recycling Management

Pallet Sorting

We sort pallets on-site to identify which pallets can be reused immediately and which need to be repaired. This ensures a consistent pallet pool to keep your operations moving.

Pallet Repair and Return

Scheduling on-site pallet repairs can reduce unnecessary transportation waste while keeping your pallet inventory healthy. We also offer pallet return and off-site repair services to keep your warehouse clear.

Warehouse Distribution Center Dock Sweeps

Consult our commercial distribution specialists for warehouse audits. This is a great way to stay up to date on pallet distribution best practices and train your internal team.

Credit for Unusable or Surplus Pallets

Ordered too many pallets? Not a problem! On-site team members are trained to credit you for any usable or surplus pallets.

Inventory Management

On-site sweeps allow us to monitor the quality of our transportation services . Providing proof of delivery helps keep our process transparent.

Waste and Recycling Management

Our team members sort pallets that can’t be repaired into our recycling and waste management programs. We look for initiatives to boost sustainability and reduce client operational costs.

Commercial Distribution Benefits

Tailored programs to fit your needs

Cost savings from proven innovative solutions

Extended Pallet Life

Customized Reporting and real time analytics

Commitment to sustainability goals and initiatives

Management of inventory levels

Increased Dock Space

Labor optimization