Plastic, Composite and Other Alternative Materials

Premium Plastic Pallets for Sale

Invest in Plastic Pallets and Alternative Pallet Materials

Depending on your needs, plastic pallets and alternative materials can work well to ship industry-specific goods, including: 

  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare products
  • Chemical and petrochemical solutions
  • Manufacturing and automotive parts

Our plastic pallet manufacturer network uses high-quality, non-reactive materials to meet customer demand.

Plastic Pallets vs Alternative Options:






Plastic Pallets

Procure new or used plastic pallets in various sizes to meet your shipping requirements. Plastic pallets may work better for industries with strict packing regulations.

  • Higher cost per unit than wood pallets
  • Non-porous materials are easy to clean
  • Preferred in some industries

Composite Pallets

Composite pallet manufacturing combines wood with other materials, such as plastic, metal, or molded blocks. Their unique makeup allows them to carry heavy loads without deforming.

  • Combined strengths of wood and plastic
  • Can carry heavier loads than plastic alone
  • Higher cost than wood or plastic pallets
  • Preferred in some industries

Metal Pallets

Metal pallets are typically made of steel and aluminum to transport heavy goods. They’re commonly used for sea storage or long-term outdoor storage as well as air freight distribution. Metal pallets are one of the most durable options but can be expensive.

  • Often used in overseas and air shipping
  • Can carry heavier loads than wood and plastic pallets
  • Non-reactive material makes them easy to clean
  • Heavy weight can increase transportation costs

Presswood Pallets

Presswood pallets are made by compressing and heating wood waste into durable particle boards molded into custom pallets. This one-piece design is nestable, which can save significant warehouse space. Despite their lightweight, they can carry heavy loads.

  • Stackable design saves space
  • Sustainably made from wood waste
  • Can meet ISPM 15 heat requirements for most industries
  • Lightweight but high performance
  • Susceptible to water damage

Corrugate Pallets

Corrugate pallets are made with high-strength cardboard, making them one of the least expensive pallets per unit. Their lightweight but decent load-bearing capabilities make them ideal for air freight shipping.

  • Used for one-way shipping
  • Best for air shipments
  • Cost-efficient per unit and recyclable
  • Susceptible to water damage

Are Plastic Pallets More Sustainable Than Wood?

Ongweoweh prioritizes wood-based and wood pallets over plastic pallets because of wood’s superior sustainability. However, plastic pallets can be eco-friendly if properly sourced and maintained. 

Our network of over 1,600 vetted vendors includes plastic pallet manufacturers who produce new pallets as well as high-quality plastic pallets from recycled plastic waste. 

Additionally, properly maintained plastic pallets can have a longer lifespan than wooden pallets.

To maintain plastic pallets: 

Check for wear and tear. Plastic pallets cannot be repaired when damaged, but they can be sorted through Ongweoweh’s pallet recycling and waste management services

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