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Recycled pallets are the most common pallet products on the market—and for good reason! Reusing wood pallets or constructing pallets with reclaimed lumber can be an opportunity to not only reduce costs, but improve sustainability within your supply chain.

By enrolling in an effective pallet recycling program you could save upwards of 75% per pallet rather than buying new. Recycled pallets can be shipped domestically or internationally.

We offer:

  • Standard-sized 48×40 GMA pallets
  • Custom pallets based on design needs

Recycled Pallet Options:

Recycled Pallets

Remanufactured Pallets

Combo Pallets

Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallets are pallets that have been used in the supply chain previously, and have been recirculated into the supply chain after their use. A recycled pallet, based on your specific needs, can perform just as effectively as a new pallet

  • Most cost-effective option
  • Best for standard-sized pallets

Remanufactured Pallets

Also called “reman pallets,” utilizing reclaimed material can make the customization simple and cost effective in many cases. Our customers find that when possible, taking advantage of this option can give them the benefits of customization while often finding reduced cost and increased sustainability as a benefit.

  • Some customization available
  • Vendors inspect wood for quality

Combo Pallets

Hybrid or combo pallets use a mixture of reclaimed wood and new lumber to expand your customization options. Using a combo pallet strikes a healthy balance between cost-efficiency and full customization.

  • Most customizable option
  • More cost-effective than buying new

Recycled Pallets Reduce Environmental Strain

Ongweoweh is committed to promoting sustainable wood pallets to help reduce unnecessary strain on natural resources. 

Reclaimed wood comes from pallets that have reached the end of their life cycle but still have valuable components. We harvest the reclaimed wood and inspect it for damage before repurposing it.

By investing in reclaimed wood, you’re: 

  • Reducing deforestation to fuel new lumber
  • Reducing energy consumption from pallet manufacturing
  • Reducing waste disposal (and disposal fees)
  • Reducing landfill contributions
  • Encouraging a holistic view of pallet lumber usage

We rely on our vetted network of over 1,600 vendors and wood pallet manufacturers to drive sustainable supply chain management practices. 

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