Recycling and Waste Services

Earn Rebates Through Top Pallet Recycling and Waste Services

Simplify Your Pallet Recycling Process

Ongweoweh makes recycling pallets second nature thanks to our streamlined pallet recycling programs. Not only do our programs encourage sustainable practices, but we also help identify additional revenue streams for pallets at the end of their life cycle.

What we handle: 

  • We process all wood waste, OCC, plastic, and metal
  • We consolidate all of your scrap waste into one trailer for easy removal
  • We use landfill diversion programs to help maximize your revenue

Ongweoweh’s Wood Pallet Recycling Programs

Our on-site team’s ability to identify and capture secondary markets for wood and plastic-based products is a core part of our sustainability strategy . In 2020 alone, Ongweoweh helped customers divert over 87 million pounds of recyclable waste from landfills. 

And that number continues to rise.

These environmental benefits also translate into financial savings for customers. Diverting waste from landfills can save on high disposal fees while generating additional revenue through recycling programs.

Ongweoweh’s pallet recycling initiatives repurpose end-of-life pallets into: 

  • New pallets
  • Mulch
  • Horse bedding
  • Play area surfaces
  • Panelboard
  • Biomass fuel
  • And more

Our Programs Include:

Generating Maximum Revenue

Inventory Management & Recycling

On-site & Off-site Services

Remove All Types of Waste

Create Landfill Diversion Programs

Inventory Tracking System

Generate Maximum Revenue

Save costs on waste disposal while earning rebates. We help your pallets find new life through our wood pallet recycling program.

 Remove All Types of Waste

Streamline your scrap removal by placing all wood, OCC, plastic, and metal waste in a single trailer. We’ll do the rest!

Maintain an Inventory Tracking System

Our logistics software Native Trax allows us to accurately track your pallet inventory throughout North America. Stay up to date on your pallet’s condition through Native Trax.

Manage Inventory & Recycling

We keep your pallet inventory organized by managing your pallet pool and recycling end-of-life pallets.

Create Landfill Diversion Programs

Diverting waste from landfills through pallet recycling programs reduces overall waste and prevents unnecessary deforestation.

Provide On-Site & Off-Site Services

Wherever you are, our on-site specialists will help you repair, break down, or retrieve your wood pallets and waste materials.

Benefits For Our Customers

Highlights and Key Features

Manage National Sortation of Multiple Dunnage Assets

Manage 34 US Depot/Repair Facilities

Dock Sweeps at Most Customer Sites

Removal of Wood Waste and Other Materials

Landfill Diversion

Income Opportunities

NativeTrax™ Tracking System

Pallet Inventory Tracking