Reporting & Analytics

Advanced Reporting and Analytics for Pallet Procurement

Use Analytics and Reporting Tools to Manage Your Pallets

Our data analytics and reporting tools offer key insights into your purchasing cycles. Take advantage of our interactive business intelligence solutions to make the best decisions for your company!

Customize Your Pallet Data Reporting

Ongweoweh draws from inventory management software as well as a proprietary solution called Native Trax, which helps us track a pallet’s location and condition anywhere in North America.

These business Intelligence tools can generate custom reports and dashboards that track metrics around: 

  • Key initiatives
  • Savings and spend
  • Sustainability efforts
  • And more

Use these reports to oversee your supply chain management or demonstrate your project’s success to internal and external stakeholders. 

The data is reliable and transparent, with near real-time updates and 24/7 access. Whatever you need, our pallet reporting software can accommodate your request!





Landfill Diversion

Diverse Spend – Tier I and Tier II

KPIs specific to each program

Lumber Market Conditions


Monitor your pallet spend by month, year, location, supplier, and pallet condition to stay within budget. Break down your spend to see where your money is going.

Diverse Spend

Diversify your spend by supporting high-quality minority, veteran, and woman-owned pallet suppliers!


Keep track of your inventory to make sure you have enough pallets on hand. Organize your inventory by pallet type, condition, and more.


See how much you’ve saved through Ongweoweh’s various programs, and identify areas that could be leaner.


Track rebates earned through Ongweoweh’s pallet recycling and waste reduction programs .

Landfill Diversion

Oversee your sustainability efforts, including pounds of materials diverted from landfills, CO2 emissions avoided, number of pallets recycled, and more.

Program-Specific KPIs

Set up custom reports to track specific KPIs for your internal initiatives.

Lumber Market Conditions

Assess the lumber market through price history and environmental impacts. Use these insights to avoid supply chain risks.

Pallet Reporting and Analytics Benefits

Near real-time reporting

Reliable, transparent data

Life-to-Date Historical Analysis

Online access 24-7

Options to filter/sort data

Reports are exportable into PDF, PowerPoint, Excel

Example of Custom Reports