Ongweoweh SCS Lindley, LLC

DBA Lindley Wood

9625 Morgan Creek Rd

Lindley, NY 14858


(607) 523-7786 | U.S. (607) 266-7070

In 2017, Ongweoweh acquired a full-service pallet manufacturing facility in Lindley, NY to enhance our national presence and bring knowledge to the local and surrounding markets. Ongweoweh SCS Lindley, LLC has several long-term employees with many years’ experience in the pallet industry; this facility continues to grow their capacity. 

This Ongweoweh facility provides new, and custom pallets (up to 84” long stringers to 60” wide) as well as specialty items. 




New Hardwood Pallets

New Softwood Pallets




By products: Saw Dust (great for animal bedding) and firewood

Additional Services

Heat Treating

Freight – Company owned assets

Added Value

Heat Treating Chamber Onsite

ISPM 15 Compliant

Industry Leading Pallet Equipment

A part of Ongweoweh’s Vast Vendor Network

Chuck Olin

Chuck Olin

General Manager

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