Ongweoweh Corp is committed to conducting business in an ethical, legal, safe and socially responsible manner. Ongweoweh expects its Vendors to share this same commitment and, as a condition of doing business, requires its Vendors to follow these Codes of Conduct (“Codes”). Vendors must take reasonable measures to ensure that any vendors from which they source act in accordance with these Codes.

Obeying the Laws
Ongweoweh’s vendors must operate their businesses in full compliance with all applicable laws, codes, rules and regulations of the countries, provinces, states, regions and municipalities in which they operate.

Respecting Human Rights
Ongweoweh will not tolerate the exploitation of children as workers by Vendors. Ongweoweh shall not contract with any Vendor that employs individuals younger than the legal minimum age of that individual state or religion.
Ongweoweh will not tolerate the use by Vendors of forced labor in any form, including slave, prison, indentured or bonded labor.
Ongweoweh will not tolerate discrimination by Vendors of their workers on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, social and ethnic origin, age, marital status, pregnancy, creed or political belief, disability, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law.
Ongweoweh expects its Vendors to provide a work environment that is free from any form of harassment, including verbal, physical, or sexual harassment. Threats or acts of retaliation or physical punishment against workers will not be tolerated. At all times, workers shall be treated with respect and dignity.
Vendors shall only utilize workers who have a legal right to work, with no undocumented workers allowed.
Ongweoweh requires that Vendors compensate (Wages and Benefits) employees in compliance with all laws and regulations relating to minimum wages, overtime, piece work, employee benefits, maximum hours worked per day or maximum days worked per week.
Vendors shall recognize and respect the right of workers to associate freely or organize as permitted by applicable laws and regulations and to be free to raise concerns related to employment issues.
Vendors shall keep the work environment free from recognized hazards and assure compliance with all applicable laws regarding working conditions, including worker health and safety, sanitation, fire safety, risk protection and electrical, mechanical and structural safety.

Product Quality and Product Safety
All products that Vendor manufactures on behalf of or sells to Ongweoweh shall be designed and produced to be safe for their intended uses, and for other reasonably foreseeable uses. Ongweoweh is committed to providing products that meet applicable regulatory specifications and quality standards.

Environment, Health & Safety
Vendors shall meet or exceed all environmental standards required by applicable laws, codes and regulations for their employees and the environment.
Vendors must only use sustainable resource materials derived from operations that are in compliance with the environmental and social laws and regulations of the country of origin.

Ongweoweh strongly encourages its Vendors to implement security controls to secure their international supply chain to comply with anti-terrorism laws in the countries and regions of the world in which they operate and transact business.

Ethical Business Practices
Vendors shall not engage in bribery, kickbacks, collusive bidding, price fixing or other unfair trade practices. Vendors should gain competitive advantage by superior performance.
Vendors should avoid relationships or conduct that might compromise judgment or create actual or apparent conflicts between their personal interests and their loyalty to Ongweoweh. Vendors should not engage in activities or enter into relationships that compete with Ongweoweh.

Demonstration of Compliance
Vendor must be able to demonstrate compliance with these Codes at the request and to the satisfaction of Ongweoweh. These minimum requirements are part of all agreements between Ongweoweh and applicable Vendors. We expect our Vendors to develop and implement appropriate internal business processes to ensure compliance with these Codes. Ongweoweh routinely utilizes independent third-parties to assess Vendors’ compliance with these Codes. These assessments generally include confidential interviews with on-site workers. If a Vendor fails to uphold any aspect of the Codes, the Vendor is expected to implement corrective actions. Ongweoweh reserves the right to terminate any agreement with any Vendor that cannot demonstrate that it is upholding the Codes.

Notice of Violations
Any worker with any knowledge of violation of these codes should contact Ongweoweh Corp via email