Single Source Procurement

Reduce Costs With Single Source Procurement

One-Stop Single Source Solutions

Single source procurement involves selecting one pallet supplier to work with. An exclusive relationship has many mutual benefits including better pallet packages, sustainable pricing, and long-lasting business relationships.

Investing in single source procurement is one of the top ways companies can optimize their pallet spend

With Ongweoweh, you have a supplier network of over 1,600 vetted vendors at your fingertips. Use our single source solutions to simplify your purchasing process instead of wasting time shopping around!

Single Sourcing Services:

Vendor Consolidation

SKU Reduction

Nationwide Buying Power

Advanced Industry Expertise

Vendor Consolidation

Consolidate vendors to find the right service package based on your needs, process, and customer requirements. Working with fewer vendors means easier management!


SKU Reduction

Quickly identify and eliminate low-value SKUs from your catalog to better manage your inventory. This helps improve your operation’s efficiency, allowing you to focus on sales that matter.


Nationwide Buying Power

We service clients of all sizes, whether you’re a small business or manage multiple locations across North America. Make the most of our expansive supplier network to find what you need at all times.


Advanced Industry Expertise

Ongweoweh’s experts are always available to consult on single source procurement best practices. Talk to our team to get started!

Our Single Source Procurement Process

Ongweoweh collaborates with our customers to identify each client’s site-specific needs and challenges. 

This customer-driven sales technique consists of three phases:

•  Supply chain analytics – We analyze your products’ structural integrity and durability.

•  Cost savings – We identify opportunities to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

•  Continuous improvement – Constant iteration ensures you get the best value.

Benefits For Our Customers

Highlights and Key Features

Access to 1500+ Vetted Suppliers

Most Competitive Market

Volume of Suppliers Ensures Quality

Program Optimization

Regular Onsite Evaluations

Quality Audits by Industry Professionals

Full Unit Load Optimization

Top Industry Buying Power

Become a Single Source Solution Provider

Are you interested in becoming a single source solution provider? Reach out to an Ongweoweh expert to learn about available opportunities!