Single Source Procurement

Your Simple One Stop Solution

To Consolidate Your Vendor Base Across The U.S.

We pride ourselves by making the purchasing process a simplified, one stop solution for our national customers that have multiple locations throughout North America

We Offer The Following Options:

Vendor Consolidation

SKU Reduction

Nationwide Buying Power

Advanced Industry Expertise

Ongweoweh is able to provide customers with a cost analysis on their products to exhibit structural integrity and durability. Working collaboratively with our customer base, Ongweoweh identifies each customer’s site-specific material handling needs and provides solutions for every unique challenge. This customer-driven sales technique is approached in three phases; Supply Chain Analytics, Cost Savings and Continuous Improvement. In 2020, Ongweoweh managed over 82,000 transactions equating to over 250 million dollars in sales by using our three phase programs.

Benefits For Our Customers

Highlights and Key Features

Access to 1500+ Vetted Suppliers

Most Competitive Market

Volume of Suppliers Ensures Quality

Program Optimization

Regular Onsite Evaluations

Quality Audits by Industry Professionals

Full Unit Load Optimization

Top Industry Buying Power